2018. július 30., hétfő

New beginnings

Well, time has come to make a fresh start. I have arrived home from my summer holiday in Montenegro. I cannot put off changing my diet and my exercise habits any more. (I stood on the scale and looked into the mirror. I did not like what I saw). I found a diet on the internet, it is the Peak girls fitness model diet, in preparation for a fitness model competition. I have to eat a maximum of 15g of fat. The amount of carbohydrates and fat must be twice the amount of body weight in grams. I think eating such and amount of protein with so little fat will be very difficult. I am especially worried about the low fat intake as I love fatty food. I will come back to you on a regular basis to document how I can manage.

Here is the shopping list for my new diet.

I started extercising again. This is today's exercise (30 minutes of cycling on an ergometer, with some 30-second interwalls.

I also added some weight training to the cardio.