2019. március 4., hétfő

How I my weight is improving + extra motivation

Hello, I am at week 5 of the 13-week plan. I have lost 4 kgs so far. The circumference of my waist and abdomen have also decreased. I haven't measured them. I have found some extra motivation to walk outdoors. It is called Sweatcoin. This is a genius app! In addition to making money for those who invented it, it motivates the ordinary person having the desired to quit their sedentary lifestyle. You get sweatcoins for walking. Ideally 1 sweatcoin/1000 steps. It is a maximum of 5 coins/day with a free account called Mover. The next level is Shaker (4,75 swc/month) Quaker (20swc/month) Breaker (30Swc/month). I have a Shaker account. If you invite people and they register to the app through your link, you receive 5swc/registration. So please register  through my link 😄 It works with biult-in step-counter of you phone along with gps, so there is very limited room for cheating. It really motivates me to walk outside. I love walking outdoors anyway. This is my favourite sport. Basically, it can be done anywhere whenever I have a little free time.

I particularly love this app because I used to participate in a similar program with the Pact app. It synced with FitBit, and also gave some money for logging your meals with MyFitnessPal. You were given pennies, however, if you did not take 10000 steps/day and log 1200calories and 3 meal/day, you had to pay 5 dollars. Cashout went through PayPal at 10 dollars. Unfortunately, this program was cancelled. I loved that app as well, it motivated me to exercise at log my meals. Now I have new motivation. With Sweatcoin, you can buy some products, can have some subscriptions to some newspapers, and you can also sell your coins. My goal is to sell my coins when I have enough.

I also decided to take up some bodyweight training with the Runtastic Results app. It is an awaesome app (like all other Runtastic apps). However, it is a paid app. Most if not all of its features are behind a paywall, but if I buy a premium subscription you subscribe to each and every app.

2019. február 3., vasárnap

13-week plan

Hello! Long time no see. I have just joined a 13-week challenge to change my unhealthy lifestyle. My plan is to move/exercise as much as I can, cardio and gym included! My meal plan is as simple as possible. I will eat an oatmeal for breakfast, some meat+vegetable for lunch near my woorplace (Maláta near the Xavér street building or EUREST near Kórház tér.) I will also walk (preferably outdoors), and I will definitely visit my home gym for some weight training.

2018. július 30., hétfő

New beginnings

Well, time has come to make a fresh start. I have arrived home from my summer holiday in Montenegro. I cannot put off changing my diet and my exercise habits any more. (I stood on the scale and looked into the mirror. I did not like what I saw). I found a diet on the internet, it is the Peak girls fitness model diet, in preparation for a fitness model competition. I have to eat a maximum of 15g of fat. The amount of carbohydrates and fat must be twice the amount of body weight in grams. I think eating such and amount of protein with so little fat will be very difficult. I am especially worried about the low fat intake as I love fatty food. I will come back to you on a regular basis to document how I can manage.

Here is the shopping list for my new diet.

I started extercising again. This is today's exercise (30 minutes of cycling on an ergometer, with some 30-second interwalls.

I also added some weight training to the cardio.